Click the Tavern if you want to recruit some crews

Tavern is in the bottom right-side of your screen


There are 3 bars that you can recruit your crew:

The Partys Bar ( you will need the recruit proofs )

The Bink's Sake ( you will need the Advance Recruit Proofs )

The Rip-off Bar ( you will need the Advance Recruit Proofs)

you can acquire the recruit proofs in loots of story battle

you can acquire the advance recruit proofs in shop for 125 coupons / 125 diamonds or in Events

The Partys Bar

You can unlocked Partys Bar at Early Level


The Binks Sake

You can unlocked Binks Sake at Level 30

Rip - off

The Rip - off Bar

You can unlocked Rip - off bar at Level 60

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