Crew breakthrough is an important way to increase attributes. All crew members’ initial quality is Green, which can be improved according to breakthrough times.        

  1. Breakthrough to certain quality can also activate new skills.
  2. Breakthrough consumes materials with 100% success rate.
  3. Breakthrough to certain level can change crew member’s quality.
  4. Breakthrough requires crew member to reach certain level. If crew member has not reached the required level, the “Breakthrough” button will be grey and you cannot breakthrough.
  5. Materials are gained through Elite Battles and Pirate Trials.

Materials needed for Breakthrough are:

Blue (level 30) = Pirate Certificate(2)

Blue+1 (level 35) = Pirate Certificate(2) + Sea King Crystal(2)

Blue+2 (level 40) = Pirate Certificate(3) + SeaKing Crystal(3) + Den Den Mushi(2)

Purple (level 45) = Sea King Crystal(5) + Den Den Mushi(4) + Pirate Flag(3)

Purple+1 (level 50) = Den Den Mushi(5) + Pirate Flag(5) + Medical Kit(4) + Wax Boxing Gloves(1)

Purple+2 (level 55) = Pirate Flag(6) + Medical Kit(5) + Buggy Ball(5)

Purple+3 (level 60) = Buggy Ball(8) + Medical Kit(7) + Gold Rum(6) + Skypiea Waver(1)

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